Don’t leave your child in a car during hot days!

Summer is started and temperatures are highly increased. That kind of heat can be also extremely dangerous. Experts say that old people and children should stay at home, everybody drink much water and try to cool down yourself.

And – like in every year – we must remind parents to not leave their child in cars! I understand, you don’t want to wake up your child and you go “only for a moment”. But you also don’t want your child to die, don’t you?

For example – today in my city air’s temperature is 30 degree Celsius. That means, in your car after 20 minutes temperature increases to 60 degree Celsius! Imagine yourself your body in that kind of conditions. And now think about your child, who is less resistant to heat than you and has no possibility to leave the car.

After 20 minutes in your car in hot day the organism of your child changes irreversibly. Your child may „gain” for example epilepsy or can simply day.

Some time ago one young mother made an experiment: se decided to close yourself in hot car for 30 minutes. After 10 minutes she had breathing problems and moment later she experienced real panic attack. What was surprising for her: she known all the time, she could escape without problems and in spite if this possibility she had a panic attack.

So remember: never leave your child in car during the summer day. You don’t want your child to die, don’t you?