How to use children’s smartphones in teaching? Part I

As you can read in page “About”, for our children smartphones, computers, Internet and all new technology are completely natural as breathing. And we – the older generations who must learn this new thing – have two ways to treat the “tech” generations. First, we can complain. We can scream about the end of the time, of the “real” social connections, of the tradition. And believe me – this is a very bad way. But luckily we have another one. We can use the new technology and make it works for us and our targets.



Research lessons

A big advantage of smartphones and everywhere Internet is possibility to search information in every moment. Now we need no mnemonic knowledge as few decades ago because we have a source of every knowledge in our pockets. I don’t remember how many wives did Henry the VIII have? No problem. I take my smartphone and check it. Six.

Use it at your lessons. Maybe you can make a general knowledge test and let your students use their smartphones. I believe they can remember more than by traditional learning. Try it and then give us a comment about effects.

Lessons in the field

In our childhood we had a compasses and maps. Now children have smartphones with GPS. Teach them use it and organize them some kind of navigation game. Give then also another task: students should prove that they conquer every point of prepared by you route by making a photos and sending it to special e-mail address. Connect it with research lesson and pick a important point (for example ancient building or specific tree species) give them second task: collecting information about that point and making a little presentation about it.