Travelling with child – is it even possible?

Of course it is! We know a lot of people who travel with their child: with toddlers or sometimes even with a babies. I asked them about few advices they could give another parent who love to travel. Now I share their experience with you.

Don’t leave your child in a car during hot days!

Summer is started and temperatures are highly increased. That kind of heat can be also extremely dangerous. Experts say that old people and children should stay at home, everybody drink much water and try to cool down yourself.

And – like in every year – we must remind parents to not leave their child in cars! I understand, you don’t want to wake up your child and you go “only for a moment”. But you also don’t want your child to die, don’t you?

How to use children’s smartphones in teaching? Part I

As you can read in page “About”, for our children smartphones, computers, Internet and all new technology are completely natural as breathing. And we – the older generations who must learn this new thing – have two ways to treat the “tech” generations. First, we can complain. We can scream about the end of the time, of the “real” social connections, of the tradition. And believe me – this is a very bad way. But luckily we have another one.